Products and Services

New Incident 24*7


We take the first call or first contact 24*7 with your dedicated call centre number, short code service, email notification

Claims FNOL

We complete a full First Notification of Loss transaction with photos, documents and locations in order to classify a claim type and decide on the claim management strategy.



Supplier and Claims Management


This is a service where we take the call and manage the fulfillment of the claim by appointing an approved service provider from either our clients panel or one of our preferred partners to handle the service delivery and customer service SLA. In this instance the SP will handle SLA according to their agreement with our client and invoice client directly.

Supplier Appointments
We have an extensive network of suppliers and preferred partners that we are able to leverage and appoint to your claim. These providers work according to accepted rates and are BEE qualified.

Claims Management



HIM offers a differentiated product for a full claims management service where we deal with the client experience from the first call until final settlement and customer satisfaction(CSI).

IoT Response Centre



This is a first of its kind in the country. We have partnered with IoT innovators Sensor Networks to build an end-to-end incident response capability that uses sensors to track the performance of your geyser 24*7 and through remote access prevent insurance incidents before the insured client even realises that something is wrong.

Geyser and Device Fitment

The next time you have a geyser replacement claim consider the option of fitting a smart device to your geyser that will help you proactively manage your geyser performance, reduce power consumption, reduce resultant damages and give you mobile access to your own geyser management. Wow the future has arrived.

Certified Fulfilment Partners

We install the device through a network of certified technicians. The incident is managed by the HIM IoT Response Centre on a 24*7 basis and after the fitment we monitor the data proactively and are able to identify all anomalies instantaneously. If required we deploy a plumber to your property before you even know you need him.

Assessment and Fulfilment Services

HIM can conduct assessments on motor and non-motor claims. We have a preferred partnership with 24Fix were we have an integrated process for the appointment to and management of a geyser or plumbing claim on a national basis. We have partnered with Repair Solutions to leverage the largest network of MBR’s in the country for preferential rates and service. We are busy negotiating an agreement with Parts Trader and we are able to respond to all plumbing related warranty claims.

Motor and Non-Motor Assessing

We are able to offer traditional motor and non-motor assessing on all claim types as wells digital desktop assessing on motor and specific non-motor claims.

Claims Fulfilment Services

Using our incident management system we are able to access and appoint a network of service providers to respond to your motor and non-motor claims requirements. We also manage the customer service experience until final settlement of the claim.

CSI, Quality Management & Audits

HIM can carry out independent CSI follow-ups on all your claims. This is done using our CSI benchmarking or your own. We have an internal quality management process to evaluate our claims quality and process efficiency taking a number of key result areas into consideration and rating the claims technician with immediate feedback and reports. We offer a service of following up and auditing selective claims and verifying supplier compliance to SLA and Rate cards

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

We do a CSI on every claim we handle and attach a CSI to the claim in order to process invoices for fees and supplier payments.

Quality Management and Audits

We offer an  independent quality management service that reviews claims processes, compliance and technical adherence  and output a quality measure

SMME Administration Services

This initiative focuses on elevating the operational efficiency of SMME’s by providing shared administration and customer service capabilities that allows them to compete with previously advantaged businesses that have benefitted from years of exclusive investment by virtue of a monopoly in this sector. We offer our technologies, expertise and services to lower the barriers to entry set by most procurement departments and grow the SMME footprint .

Association of Black Suppliers

We will spearhead the formation an association for black suppliers to provide all developing SMME’s and new SMME’s with a platform and voice to contribute to the Insurance Supplier Chain. This association will also provide Insurers and Brokers with an opportunity to engage on a national level and work with a framework governed by standards, compliance, skills and service levels.

SMME Shared Service Solution

This initiative focuses on elevating the operational effeciency of SMME’s by providing shared adminstration and customer service capabilities that allows them to compete with previously advantaged businesses that benefitted from years of exclusive investment by virtue of having a monopoly in this sector. We will offer our technologies, expertise and services for Technology,  Administration, Client Servicing  and Financial Management to lower the barriers to entry set procurement departments.

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